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Tom Newby School is fortunate to have a Kumon Centre on school premises. The Kumon Centre assists students who wish to improve their Maths and English skills. It also helps young learners to develop confidence and improves concentration. The secret to the success of this programme is the individualised learning programme that ensures mastery of each topic before progression is approved.

Many Kumon students at Kumon are working at levels beyond their school grade and this has impacted significantly on their school performance.

Kumon is an outsourced activity. The cost for attending Kumon classes is approximately R440.00 per month and fees are paid directly to the Kumon Centre.

Age Groups
Ages 5 and older.

This activity runs from January to December (including holidays). Classes are offered from Monday to Thursday. Days and times may vary according to the Kumon schedule – students will be notified by the Kumon supervisor.

Clothing and Equipment
Casual/comfortable clothing may be worn. Stationery must be provided by the students but books and manuals are provided by the Kumon Centre.

Organiser: Marlene Albertyn – Albertyn@gmail.com

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