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Individual guitar lessons take place at school, during the course of the school day, as part of the Music Maestro Programme. Piano and violin lessons are conducted, as an after school activity, on school premises. All of the lessons offered through Tom Newby School are outsourced and fees are charged by the music instructors (approx. R90.00 per lesson). Exam and eisteddfod fees vary per category and range between R350 and R900 per annum. Tom Newby has had a great deal of success in the area of individual music and a number of pianists from this programme won their sections at the local Eisteddfod. The pianist of the year went to one of our young musicians and another was awarded 100% for one section in the London College of Music examination.

Age Groups
Children from Grade 3-7 may participate in this activity.

Times, Venues, Practices and Matches
Guitar lessons may take place during school hours or in the afternoons. All other music lessons take place after school hours. The music programme runs from January to November.
Times vary according to instrument and teacher. Participants will be notified, individually, with regard to practice/perfor4mance times.

Clothing and Equipment
Apart from the children attending lessons during school hours participants may wear any informal clothing to their lessons. Limited access to loan instruments is possible. However, children are encouraged to purchase their own instruments to practise and play.

Organiser: Sharon Reynolds –

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