School Management Team

Bachelor of Primary Education
Bachelor of Education
Master of Education
Advanced Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management
Advanced Certificate in Web Design
Years of Experience: 30
Life Quote: It is better to light a candle than to shout at the darkness.
Other information:
Favourite Author: Ken Follet
Favourite Artist: Salvador Dali
Favourite Music: Baroque
Favourite Sport: Cricket
Favourite Movie: My Left Foot


Higher Diploma in Education
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Education (Hons)
Years of Experience: 38
Life Quote: Earn respect, don’t demand it.
Other information:
Favourite Sport: All


Higher Diploma in Education
Diploma in Remedial Education and Child Psychology
Years of Experience: 24
Life Quote: Live, Laugh, Love.
Other information:
Favourite Author: Ena Murray
Favourite Music: Country and Afrikaans
Favourite Sport: Athletics, Gymnastics and Rugby
Favourite Movie: Romantic comedy

Diploma in Foundation Phase Education
Advanced Certificate in OBE
Advanced Certificate in Foundations of Language Acquisition
Years of Experience: 22
Life Quote: Endeavour!
Other information:
Favourite Author: Elly Griffiths
Favourite Artist : Gustav Klimt
Favourite Music: Various styles
Favourite Sport: F1
Favourite Movie: P.S. I love you

Bachelor of Art
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Years of Experience: 14
Life Quote: With love and patience – nothing is impossible.
Other information:
Favourite Author: JRR Tolkien
Favourite Artist : Various
Favourite Music: Most genres
Favourite Sport: Cricket
Favourite Movie: Action, horror and fantasy

Higher Diploma in Education – Foundation Phase
Years of Experience: 29
Life Quote: If a job is worth doing, do it to the best of your ability.
Other information:
Favourite Music: Cher
Favourite Sport: Tennis
Favourite Movie: Erin Brokovich

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